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  • How Do I Find My Tyre Size

  • It’s very easy to check what size tyre you need as the exact size is written on the sidewall of your current tyre.

    The tyre size looks something like '225/40 R18 87W'.

    205 - Width of the tyre in millimetres

    55 - Height of the tyre sidewall as a percentage of the width i.e. 55% of 205mm. This is also known as the aspect ratio.

    R - Radial construction.

    16 - The diameter of the tyre’s inner rim in inches. Or the size of your steel or alloy wheel. 

    91 - Load rating of the tyre 

    W - Speed Rating, this indicates the maximum speed of the tyre when under full load

    Front and rear tyres sometimes differ in size so it’s vital that you check all tyres before placing your order. By entering your car’s registration number on you will be given a range of tyres suitable for your vehicle – however whilst this is a helpful tool it’s very important that you check the size on the tyres you currently have fitted to your vehicle to ensure you are ordering exactly what you need. If you’re not sure which tyre size is right for your car please call our team on send an email to

  • Tyre Markings Explained

  • The numbers on your tyre sidewall give you the tyre size you need to order. If you look at the image below each number relates to a different measurement

    Tyre Size Image

    225 - gives you the width of the tyre in millimetres, 225mm in this example.

    40 – expresses the height of the tyre sidewall as a percentage of the width of the tyre.

    R – means the tyre is of radial construction.

    18 - in this example is the diameter of the tyre’s inner rim in inches.

    87 - is the load rating - this shows what weight each tyre is capable of bearing – in this example 545kg. You can check this using the Tyre Load Rating Table below:

    Tyre Load Rating Table

    Tyre Speed Rating Chart

    W - tells you what speed rating the tyre has in this example it means that the tyre is capable of reaching speeds of 168mph. The lower down the alphabet the speed rating is the lower the speed that tyre is capable of doing. It is vital that you check the appropriate speed rating for your vehicle and that you do not purchase a tyre with a lower speed rating as this could invalidate your insurance and cause serious safety issues at high speed.

    The table below will help:

    Tyre Speed Rating Table

    Speed Rating Chart

    If you need to know anything else drop us an email to

  • Which tyres should I choose

  • CarTyres offers a comprehensive range of tyres suitable for your vehicle. The tyre you choose will depend on many factors including budget so we give you the option to decide based on price as well as other factors such as tyre performance which is clearly illustrated when your tyre choices are presented to you.

    If you’re not sure which tyre is right for your car please call us on

    drop an email to

  • I can’t find the Tyre Brand I’m looking for

  • We offer a wide range of tyres at the best possible price, however if we aren’t showing the exact brand you would like to purchase please call our team on send an email to and we’ll let you know if we can source what you are looking for.

  • What Does Reinforced Mean

  • Reinforced stands for a tyre with a heavy load capability. 

    Manufacturers have designed a reinforced tyres to support heavier loads. The design of this tyre has a stronger sidewall to create the capability of heavier load bearing.

  • Does The Age Of The Tyre Matter

  • Yes!

    There is a 5 year rule, tyres are considered NEW upto 5 years after their production date. This is an industry standard based on the German BRV.

    It's recommended that tyres are changed once the date of production is 7 - 10 years old.

    How To Tell The Age of A Tyre

    There is a section on a tyre's sidewall that indicates the date stamp, this is called a DOT code. Since the year 2000 the date section of the code is the last 4 digits, these are 4 numbers such as ‘4110’. In this example it shows the tyre was manufactured in the 41st week in 2010


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