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  • Why Does My Steering Wheel Vibrate

  • Tyre wear, wheel alignment and imbalance can cause the steering wheel to vibrate. If you notice a vibration, it's important you ask a garage to check this for you. If left unchecked, the long-term effect could cost you through higher fuel consumption as well as steering and braking problems.

  • Why Does My Car Pull To One Side

  • Your vehicle may need to be re-aligned if it's pulling to one side. It's important that you ask a garage to check and correct this for you. If your wheels are not lined correctly then this will cause your tyres to wear unevenly possibly causing them to have to be replaced too quickly.

  • I've hit a kerb, what should I do

  • Whilst this is easily done it can have serious repercussions on the safety of your tyres so it’s really important that you check your tyres as soon as possible after the incident. Make sure your wheels are straight and examine each tyre for any noticeable impact, loss of pressure and tread damage. If the car is pulling to one side the alignment or balance may have been affected. If you’re at all worried take your car to your nearest garage and have it checked by a professional.


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