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  • How To Order My Tyres

  • How To Select Your New Tyres

    Once you’re on the website, you can use our tyre search tool which is provided on all pages. You can either input your

    Car Registration 

    • Enter your car registration, postcode and click ‘GO’

    • Check that we’re showing you the correct car and click ‘GO’

    • Choose your tyre size for the front or rear and click ‘GO’

    Tyre Size

    Enter your tyre size and postcode, click ‘GO’

    • Choose your cars make e.g ‘FORD’, click ‘GO’

    Once you’ve told our system the correct tyre size we’ll search our database and provide you with all the tyres available for your vehicle's make and tyre size.

    Our results are shown in descending order starting with the cheapest. We add all available tyres under a brand drop down and inform you of the number of tyres available within this brand dropdown

    After you’ve reviewed which tyre is right for you, then all you have to do is click ‘SELECT’

    Choosing Your Fitter

    You’ll be shown a selection of tyre fitters closest to the postcode you have entered. The first result you see is the fitting centre that’s located closest to the postcode you entered.

    Choose the date and time that is convenient for you and click ‘SELECT THIS FITTER AND BOOK NOW’

    Confirm Your Order

    Now you’ve selected your tyres and the fitting centre it's time to confirm your order. Please make sure that your ‘order summary’ is correct, you can edit this at this stage if needed.

    All we need you to do is to provide a few details and click ‘CONFIRM YOUR ORDER’

    Order Completed

    Once you’ve placed your order you’ll be shown an order complete page giving you details of your order and asking you to provide us with feedback of your experience.

  • What Happens After I Place My Order

  • You’ll receive a confirmation email from us detailing the tyres you’ve chosen, as well as the place and date of your fitting appointment. The total price you pay will also be shown on your confirmation email.

    The tyre fitter will then place your order with their supplier arrange for the tyres to arrive in plenty of time for your appointment. Don’t forget to take your confirmation email with you to the fitting. If you want to change the date or time of your appointment, please contact the fitting centre directly; their full details will be on your confirmation email. After doing this, your tyre fitter will give you a quick call to confirm your order and details, don’t worry if they don’t call you immediately they’ll be in touch before you attend your appointment. If you’d like any help with this send an email to

  • Can I Change My Order

  • Yes, making changes to your order is easy! Simply send an email to with the details of your order and the changes you’d like to make and we’ll do the rest. There is no charge for incorrect orders so if you order the wrong size of tyre then don't worry, we’ll happily change it for you.

  • Can I Cancel My Order

  • To cancel your order please email us at and include your order reference number. There is no charge for cancellations. 

  • Entered My Car Registration, My Car Details Don’t Appear

  • If your car doesn’t appear when you enter your car registration then don’t worry! Simply enter your tyre size instead and we’ll provide you with a list of options. We check the DVLA’s database when searching for a vehicle using the car registration number you provide. So it might be worth you letting the DVLA know there is an error by contacting them via

  • Why Are Different Tyre Sizes Shown To What's On My Car

  • This may be because your car manufacturer has changed the specification of the tyres. This isn’t a problem, simply chose the tyre size to match those on your vehicle now or if you’re in any doubt we’ll be delighted to help, call our team on send an email to

  • Why Does My Car Registration Show Different Vehicle Details

  • We use the DVLA when searching for your car via your registration number, therefore, we suggest that if the details provided by us are incorrect then you contact the DVLA direct through their website Don’t worry you can still order tyres by entering the tyre size rather than your registration number.

  • My Postcode Isn’t Recognised

  • We use your postcode to direct you to your closest fitting station. Try entering just the first part of your postcode such as LL19 instead of LL19 3FT. This will be used as a starting point to show you the four nearest tyre fitters to you. If you’d like any help with this send an email to

  • Not Received My Confirmation Email

  • The email may have been filtered into your spam or junk mail, please check this folder. You can add to your safe sender's list to prevent this happening in future. If you’ve checked your spam or junk mailbox and you still can’t find the email please send an email to - we’ll happily re-send it.

  • I’ve Ordered The Wrong Tyre By Mistake

  • Please email or call us on as soon as you can with the details of your current order and the changes you’d like to make and we'll do the rest. Unfortunately we may need to change the fitting date depending on when you let us know and what the change involves, however we’ll do our very best to avoid any unnecessary delays. Most importantly, there is no charge for cancellations or amendments. We completely understand that these things happen, and we’re more than happy to help you sort out anything you need.

  • Why Do You Need My Contact Details

  • We ask for an email address so that we can send you confirmation of your order. We’d also like a contact number for you so we can get in touch with you if we have any questions about your order and also so your fitting centre can give you a quick call to confirm your appointment details.


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