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For everyday use
The Avon ZT5 have been created to offer great performance all year round. They have a modern pattern that has been developed to make them the perfect choice for everyday driving! Three wide grooves run the full circumference of the tyre, working together with the inner shoulder they help maintain performance during aquaplaning. This top grade design conforms to the latest EU legislation on noise by using Avon pitch frequency technology offering a comfortable and quiet ride. Offering a highly responsive ride, the ZT5 tyres are the perfect addition to any your family car.
Premium Winter tyres
T speed rated and tested in Alpine winter conditions the WT7’s are the perfect choice for anyone looking to maintain top performance even in the toughest conditions. Forward facing shoulder grooves, V-slots and backward facing centre grooves have all been specifically designed to enhance traction and braking, delivering you a secure and responsive handling experience. They meet current and future EU regulations for wet grip, clean oil and rolling resistance. Marked with the ‘Severe Snow Conditions’ symbol and available in a range of sizes you are sure to find the perfect fit for many popular performance cars ready to take on severe conditions!
high performance Summer tyre with ‘A’ grade wet grip
Perfect for those looking for just the right balance of performance and safety. Large grooves running the full circumference of the tyres, this clever design quickly clears water on the roads surface to help you avoid aquaplaning. Working hand-in-hand with the grooves is the new 3D sipes that help warm up the tyre quickly and so optimising wet grip. New polymer technology and advanced mixing techniques have helped advance the grip in both wet and dry environments, helping with roll resistance and making them more fuel efficient. Available in a wide range of fitments, you can find the perfect tyre for your vehicle.
Ultra high performance tyres
If you are a driving enthusiast with a passion for for high end sports cars then the ZZ5 is definitely the right choice for you. Designed, developed and manufactured in Europe the ZZ5 has a spectacular amount of engineering to give you an enhanced and premium driving experience. From Intelligent Asymmetric Tread Design across three different zones to the highly loaded silica tread compound, these tyres have been designed to offer you excellent traction and handling. They have tested throughout Europe - dynamic, high speed durability testing at the Nüburgring and wet and dry performance testing across Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK.
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About Avon Tyres

Since 1904 Avon has prided itself on making high quality tyres for all sorts of cars, motorbikes, vans and trailers. Combining the very best in the latest design and manufacturing, Avon has made a name for itself as a producer of unparalleled quality. They have proved themselves both on the road and on the race track and continue to put each tyre through rigorous testing. If you are looking for a tyre that gives you an enhanced and enjoyable driving experience then have a look at what they have to offer.

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