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BF Goodrich Winter G
top performance and control in winter conditions
These tyres are specifically designed to give city cars top performance and control in winter conditions. Designed with a directional tread pattern, a central rib, large tread blocks and bridged shoulder sipes deliver impeccable road holding and spectacular cornering. They have also been specifically designed to offer high-performance braking and handling even on slippery surfaces and wet or icy conditions. Wide lateral channels and circumferential grooves help to quickly disperse surface water, whilst a high sipe and edge density give amazing grip. These tyres are made out of low temperature rubber and are the perfect addition to any city car looking for top performance in even the coldest conditions.
BF Goodrich g-Grip All Season
Control in all seasons for a wide range of vehicle
Providing grip and control through all season, the g-Grip All Season has you covered come sunshine or rain. With all the characteristics of a summer tyre with tread and rib formations to give you excellent water dispersal and great steering control on wet or dry surfaces. When it comes to taking on winter this great all-rounder has a high number of sipes and grooves giving unrivalled control on curves and hills, even in the snow! It’s 3 Peak Snow Flake marking is the stamp of approval for snowy and wintery conditions.
BF Goodrich g-Force Winter
Winter Tyre
MPV, SUV or City Car, the g-Force Winter tyre has you covered. Designed to fit and suit a whole variety of vehicles, these tyres offer high performance, comfort and safety in even the more severe climates. They have been specifically designed to offer you optimum grip and control on winter surfaces from starting up and pulling away to braking and coming to a stop. A maximised footprint and specially designed tread provides brilliant snow dispersal and hold, a continuous central rib gives you hundreds of ‘teeth’ in the tread pattern, and directional tread and sipe density help you to avoid skidding!
BF Goodrich g-Grip
All about control
These tyres are designed for a huge range of vehicles from city cars to high powered performance cars. Offering unrivalled driving pleasure on dry surfaces and excellent safety on wet roads, the g-Grip tyres are engineered to give you a highly responsive and enjoyable driving experience. Large shoulder tread blocks and a continuous central rib provides highly responsive steering and really impressive control. The uniquely designed ‘Vortex’ tread pattern disperses water quickly and efficiently whilst “chamfered edge” sipes provide optimum braking response on dry roads. The g-Grip offers premium control in all circumstances.

About BF Goodrich Tyres

BF Goodrich have based their design and manufacturing on the basics of providing the most enjoyable driving experience. More control, better handling and a brilliant drive is what BF Goodrich is all about. When their designers aren’t rigorously testing and meticulously tweaking the designs, you’ll find them on the racetracks and off roading. Sharing a true passion for a top quality driving experience is evident in their range!

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