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Potenza S001
Sports Peformance
It's no wonder that the Potenza S001 is one of our most popular tyres! This tyre has an advanced asymmetric tread pattern providing excellent sports performance in wet and dry conditions, super slant grooves for faster water evacuation, and finally, high-grip shoulder blocks for an outstanding road holding, giving you extra grip on the road.
Summer Performance
Want extra control whilst driving? Acquire it with the Bridgestone RE050A. The wide grooves on this tyre enhance its draining, allowing it to maintain excellent grip in tricky conditions.The grooves on the RE050A serve another purpose: they prevent the tyre from rapid heating, so the Bridgestone RE050A can deliver to its full performance during speedy and dynamic driving.
Premium Touring - Summer
If you have luxury touring in mind, then we suggest the Bridgestone T001 model, as it provides remarkable performance! With low resistance and advanced noise reduction grooves, you can expect a quiet smooth ride with the T001 model, as well as better road contact and braking in wet and dry conditions.
Turanza ER300
Premium Touring - Summer
The Bridgestone Turanza ER300 is the perfect touring tyre! Thanks to its asymmetric tread pattern and winding groove design, you can expect rapid water evacuation with extra traction in wet conditions.The advanced tread pattern enhances performance and reduces noise for a smooth and efficient performance.

These tyres are engineered to perform with outstanding control in all weathers, using only the best materials and tyre technology available. Pick the tyre model that’s right for you be it Weather Control A001 for all year round performance, Blizzak for that winter safety or Ecopia for efficient commuting.

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About Bridgestone Tyres

The Bridgestone tyres was originally established in 1931 by Shojiro Ishibashi and has since become Japan and Asia’s most sought after tyre brand. Up until the 1980’s, the tyre manufacture decided to purchase Firestone Tire and Rubber company, a deal said to be worth $2.6 billion. This drove the company to the top of the US tyre market, making this brand a premium choice for American drivers.

They are currently one of the top six premium tyre brands in the world, and the company's primary objective still remains today as they use top of the range technological advancements for tyre development.

Now a household name around the globe, Bridgestone’s range of tyres are designed for everyday cars as well as Formula One racing. With safety, comfort and the environment all at the forefront of every tyre produced, the company is committed to manufacturing quality products for a diverse range of cars, including passenger cars, construction machinery, off-road vehicles and aircrafts.

The Bridgestone run-flat tyre system will enable you to drive home safely on a flat tyre by reducing the level of air-loss. Unlike other tyres of the same kind, these tyre's will fit any conventional wheel. Re-treading is another way the company is trying to aid environmentally friendly driving, by fitting new tread to old tyres.

At we have hundreds of tyres for you to choose from including the full Bridgestone range. Whether you're looking for eco friendly, winter, summer or run flat tyres, we promise you’ll find exactly what you want for an excellent price! Start your search and take a look at our prices.



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