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Premium Contact
Premium Touring - Summer
Excellent handling, shorter stopping distance, precise steering, less noise and cornering stability are all features you can expect with this tyre model. The Continental Premium Contact tyre is the perfect match for sports cars, sedans and coupes, and with all of these features what more could you want from a car tyre?
Sport Contact 2
Max Performance - Summer
Want a tyre that has excellent handling in both wet and dry conditions? If so, then we recommend the Continental Sport Contact 2, which also has an outstanding braking distance, impressive traction and excellent levels of comfort with very low levels of road noise.
Sport Contact 3
Max Performance - Summer
This model combines extra handling, precise steering, improved cornering and safety, and you can expect a much shorter braking distance with this tyre. The Sport Contact 3 has been designed by Continental specially for high performance sports coupes, luxury sedans and cars that can give a bit of a kick.
Sport Contact 5
Max Performance - Summer
Continental have developed and tailored the Sport Contact 5 for sport vehicles and SUVs with sporty driving characteristics. The highlights of this tyre include brilliant handling, reduced fuel consumption, a shorter stopping distance, superb grip and extra safety when taking a corner.

Keep your loved ones safe with Continental tyres. Continental strive for perfection with everything they do, keeping you on the streets and not compromising performance with comfort or safety. Choose from our huge range of tyres such as our WinterContact tyres, ContiSportContact and ContiCrossContact.

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About Continental Tyres

Continental Tyres are one of the oldest tyre manufacturing brands in the world. Founded over 130 years ago in Hannover, it produced solid tyres for carriages and bicycles. Since, Continental has become renowned as a leader in tyre design and manufacturing, and an innovator in rubber technology.

Over the decades the Continental brand has spread across Europe, North and South America and Asia, gathering masses of inspiration and expertise along the way. Early in the 21st Century they developed run-flat tyres together with Bridgestone, setting the standard of tyres needed to enable drivers to travel up to 50mph on a flat tyre.

With approximately a third of all new tyres produced and fitted with original Continental equipment, they are without a doubt the preferred choice of car manufacturers across Europe. 

Continental’s “Safety First” motto is apparent in every product and tyre produced, with copious amounts of research done to ensure they remain forerunners in the tyre market when it comes to tyres that offer both fuel efficiency and a more economic driving experience to drivers of cars, 4x4’s, vans and coaches.

Their most recent technological offering is the ContiSeal tyre, which contains a viscous layer inside the tread that forms an almost instant seal around any object that penetrates the tread, helping to reduce air loss.

At we have hundreds of tyres for you to choose from including the full award winning Continental range. Whether you're looking for eco friendly, winter, summer or run flat tyres, we promise you’ll find exactly what you want for an excellent price! Start your search and take a look at our Continental tyre models and prices.

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