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All rounder in wet and dry conditions
The EH22 is Evergreen’s all-rounder, with great handling, low noise, comfort and safety for a really wide variety of vehicles. The central tread rib ensures stable driving whilst the lateral groove design extends to the shoulder providing accuracy and precision. Innovative tread design provides a really comfortable and smooth ride whilst keeping the noise emissions down and longitudinal grooves, pressure distribution ensure excellent handling even in wet conditions!
designed specifically for safety in cold conditions
A silica based compound and asymmetric pattern makes the EW66 the perfect partner to responsive handling even in colder weather. The tread pattern features three main grooves and a serrated design in the outside main groove, which give the tyre amazing stability and powerful cornering grip on snow and ice. Upgraded silica ensures that the tyres remain pliable even in the coldest conditions and works in conjunction with deep and densely distributed grooves to provide high levels of grip on snow and so shortening braking distance.
designed for optimal handling
The EU72 is made of a silica based compound that has been specifically engineered to provide low rolling resistance, excellent fuel economy and optimal handling. The silica compound and tread has been designed in such a way as to reduce fuel consumption and provide even wear and so lengthening the tyres life. The tread design, block positioning and central strips all work together to ensure that you have great grip, responsive handling a low road emission. The EU72 is a comfortable, quiet and efficient tyre that provides a responsive handling experience too.
Ultra high performance for sports cars
The EU76 tyres are designed to enhance the driving performance on sports cars. Engineered specifically to amplify performance, an enhanced bead design protects the wheel rim from impact damage, whilst the v-shaped tread design provides excellent traction and grip whilst cornering. Larger grooves across the tyres surface and tread block arrangements help to reduce the risk of aquaplaning and also reduces sound emissions substantially.

About Evergreen Tyres

Evergreen develop all their tyres with the three key elements of safety, sustainability and performance. The Evergreen factory only opened in 2009 and is one of the world's most technologically advanced and modern manufacturers. All of the tyres are designed using an advanced silica compound to make them highly durable and efficient.

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