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Designed for ice and snow
Looking for a premium and cutting edge winter tyre? The EUROWINTER H501 is the tyre for you. This tyre combines top quality technologies specifically designed to ensure you have a safe, secure and invigorating drive. “Miura-Ori” 3D sipe technology, a 4D Nano design compound and an optimised stiffer tread all combine to offer superb traction and a highly responsive and secure braking performance on ice and snow.
Sporty and economical
With amazing rolling resistance performance and all aspects of a perfectly balanced performance, the ZIEX ZE914 is the perfect addition to any one looking for a cost efficient all rounder. Offering top levels of grip on wet and dry roads and a low noise level they are perfect for all aspects of driving and are even well suited to the more sporty driving styles. Never quite sure of how worn your tyres are? The ZE914’s come with a SPECIAL EYES tyre wear indicator.
For control and comfort all year round
If you are looking for an absolute all-rounder that gives you premium and responsive performance all year round then the EUROALL SEASON AS200 tyres are for you. They offer great traction all year round, giving you a short braking distance even on slippery surfaces. With optimised distribution and a large foot print you are provided an impressive driving experience and a comfortable driving feel. Marked with M + S and snowflake symbols, these tyres offer reliable responses even on snow and ice.
Providing long lasting comfort
The SINCERA SN828 have been specifically developed to offer a long wearing and tough performance. The new silica mixture it the tyres has optimised its wear resistance whilst also making them great performers on wet roads. Easy handling even at high speeds, great ride comfort, and low noise these tough tyres tick all the boxes.

About Falken Tyres

Falken is the sixth largest tyre manufacturer worldwide. Selling a really broad variety of tyres for the full range of vehicles, from passenger vehicles to trucks, Falken develop them all under some of the most rigorous and demanding testing. The Falken brand is involved in some pretty exciting and impressive technological platforms such as Motorsports and the Red Bull Air Race.

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