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Altimax Comfort
The fuel saver perfect for the summer months
The Altimax Comfort is the perfect partner to a quiet and comfortable drive. A specifically designed tread means higher efficiency, with a smooth and low resistant feel. This fuel saving tyre has some really innovative design aspects which give it a shorter braking distance, great steering response and a low risk of aquaplaning. On top of this the Altimax Comfort features General Tire Advance Technologies including the Replacement Tire Monitor and the Visual Alignment Indicator. A brilliant, comfortable, efficient and responsive all rounder.
Altimax Sport
Athletic, responsive tyres perfect for summer driving
Offering precise steering response and some of the safest and controlled driving on windy roads in wet or dry conditions, the Altimax Sport is the ultimate athlete. The modern silica tread provides the tyre with some key aspects to enhance wet performance and rolling resistance providing a short braking distance, precise steering, low fuel consumption and high mileage. Alongside the performance features the Altimax Sport has included General Tire Advance Technologies including the Replacement Tire Monitor and the Visual Alignment Indicator. This tyre provides a highly responsive, controlled and comfortable driving experience perfect for taking those sharp corners like a pro.
Altimax A/S 365
High performance all year round
If you are looking for a tyre that gives you reliable performance all year round then the Altimax A/S 365 is for you. This tyre has been specially optimised to offer you great handling in summer and winter, reliable in all seasons and in any conditions. They have been specifically designed to ensure great traction in dry conditions and successfully prevent aquaplaning in the wet. The tread has also incorporated a design that makes it particularly secure in snow, offering you all the grip you need. The Altimax A/S 265 is the ultimate all seasons tyre, taking on any elements in its stride.
Altimax Winter Plus
engineered to take on even the toughest winter driving conditions
The Altimax Winter Plus represents the ultimate in design. This expert in winter conditions has been specifically designed to take on even the toughest environments that winter can throw at you. Distinctive zig-zag grooves allow the best possible winter traction and controlled cornering on snow and ice. The wide and long latitudinal grooves in the tread offer additional safety on wet roads. The Altimax Winter Plus is a true champion of wintery conditions.

About General Tyres

General Tire was founded in 1915, and they are more than able to look back at over 100 years of heritage with pride! Successfully keeping up with demand in an ever changing industry they focus on producing high quality, performance and value tyres. Producing tyres for a wide variety of motors General Tire pride themselves on maintaining their great reputation and premium range

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