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High Performance car tyres
The SA07 tyre is specifically developed for ultra-high performance vehicles. The Silica Tech has been engineered to allow low rolling resistance and precision handling and the Rim Protector, whilst protecting the wheel also provides superior handling control and enhanced cornering. The tread itself has been adapted to ensure brilliant grip and traction, four wide circumferential grooves ensure quick and efficient water evacuation and prevent aquaplaning and ensure safe and short braking distances. These tyres are perfect for those looking for the right balance of precision handling and safety for their high performance vehicle.
Comfortable & Premium Ride
The RP28 is a tyre specifically designed to provide a comfortable and efficient driving experience. The tread has been designed to offer low noise and excellent water drainage whilst the silica compound ensures low rolling resistance and fuel efficiency. The formation of the shoulder sipes provide better handling, giving you a comfortable ride even round corners.
Performance in Winter
These tyres from Goodride have been specifically engineered to provide a secure and performance balanced experience even in harsher conditions. The tread and zigzag sipes provide you with brilliant grip and traction, even on the more slippery surfaces and the circumferential grooves provide brilliant liquid dispersal, to help you through snow, slush and water and maximises your contact with the road.
Reliable on and off road tyres
Specifically designed for use on SUV’s and 4x4s, the SL369 have been designed with a wide tread and multi-stepped grooves to increase surface area and enhance traction both on and off road. Zig-zag grooves provide efficient water dispersal and help maintain control in wet conditions, whilst large tread blocks enhance stability and provide a comfortable and quiet ride. The SL369 are the perfect addition to ensure a comfortable, safe and responsive drive both on and off the road.

About Goodride Tyres

Goodride produce a wide range of tyres, they are all designed and priced with quality, reliability and value in mind. An extensive product range which covers all sectors of the car tyre market, Goodride have a focused on continuously developing their brand with an aim to maintain their reputation for quality tyres on the market.

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