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comfort, high performance and safety
The ECSTA KU31 are perfectly balanced to give you an enhanced driving experience. Exceptional performance, grip, comfort and refinement make this the optimum tyre for performance saloons. Secure traction, stability at high speed, reduced tread for quieter ride, and great wet and dry performance make this the perfect addition to your sporty drive.
Premium and smooth ride
If you are looking for the perfect tyre to enhance the luxury of your vehicle? The ECSTA HS51 is for you. Smooth, quiet and precise handling and braking make them experience a premium one. Exceptionally low noise for a comfortable ride, maximum wet weather traction and an optimised balance between performance and fuel efficiency make the HS51 a top quality experience.
Eco friendly and great performance
A class-leader in efficiency, the ECOWING is packed full of dynamic and efficient characteristics. Offering improved rolling resistance and significant fuel savings compared to equivalent conventional designs, they offer improved performance and handling too. With improved water clearance for high level wet performance, excellent handling in the dry, improved efficiency and driving safety the ECOWING really is a class-leader.
An all rounder for winter conditions
Nw technology in the design and tread have made the WP71 a great contender against eve the most brutal of winter conditions. New compound technology offer great braking performance and improved traction on both snow and ice, whilst the specifically contoured design enhances performance and handling on wet roads. Marked with M + S marking and snowflake it is the perfect and reliable winter tyre for midsize saloons, luxury and sportscars.

About Kumho Tyres

Since 1960 Kumho has successfully developed and grown, with a key focus on implementing environmental, social and economic sustainability strategies. With a focus on ever improving technologies and changing environments Kumho have prided themselves on the development of some of the most innovative designs.

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