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High performance tyres
The PC10’s have been specifically designed for high performance cars and provide optimum balance, low noise and comfort whilst providing amazing traction and grip, even in wet conditions. With their superb road holding these tyres are the perfect addition for those looking for the maximum response at high speeds, specifically in the summer months.
Antarctica 6
Efficient and safe driving in winter conditions
The Antarctica 6 have been designed to take on some of the harsher winter conditions. Specially shaped shoulder designs provide excellent grip on both snow and ice whilst large directional blocks provide safe and more efficient traction on snow, ice and slush! There are small holes evenly distributed across the shoulders of the tyres too, which efficiently work towards eliminating the risk of skidding! The Antarctica 6 are the perfect winter tyre and have been designed to make winter driving as safe as possible.
Off road, all rounder
The Toledo is a 4x4 tyre that has been especially designed for multi-purpose and 4-wheel-drive vehicles. They have been engineered to support your vehicle through demanding terrains. A 5-row aggressive tread pattern has been designed to ensure maximum grip whilst zig-zag grooves add traction, giving you prompt steering response and mobility and grip on loose and muddy surfaces. Alongside the high off-road performance, the Toledo’s are adapted to ensure a comfortable and quiet ride too. The perfect all rounder for the adventurous types.
Antarctica 8
responsive and safe winter tyre
The Antarctica 8 have been especially designed to offer high traction and grip capabilities. Three wide longitudinal grooves give you great protection against potential aquaplaning whilst drainage grooves on both sides of the shoulder area work in tandem to effectively disperse rain, slush and snow and maximise the tyres contact with the road surface. The tyres have been engineered to have a high number of blocks and 3D-sipes, ensuring safe handling too. The Antarctica 8 focus on the ensuring you a safe and responsive drive, even in the most treacherous of conditions.

About Pace Tyres

Pace was formed in 2002 and have prided themselves on their dedication to producing top quality products and delivering their services in a professional manner. With customers ranging from large wholesalers to retail stores, they have a broad understanding of what is needed in the tyre industry. 

Pace is a tyre brand from SD International, a company that has progressively become a major player in the market since its formation. Formed in 2002 SD International have become an international name and have exhibited at all the major tyre shows around the world. 

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