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P Zero
High Performance - Summer
The Pirelli P Zero has an asymmetric profile, and has been designed specifically for sports cars and mid-range cars. This tyre provides excellent grip on roads in summer, and maximum handling stability. If you love to drive at higher speeds, the Pirelli P Zero helps you go faster thanks to the 3-ditched profile that delivers optimum traction.
P1 Cinturato
Summer Tyre
This tyre will never let you down on the road, whether you are traveling in wet conditions or dry. Pirelli have made the P1 Cinturato from hybrid materials and used a cleverly devised profile design which helps the tyre have constant contact with the road. This helps the tyre deliver in all summer weather conditions - what more could you want?
P7 Cinturato
High Performance - Summer
The P7 Cinturato from Pirelli is an excellent summer tyre, suitable for any middle or upper class cars. This model combines performance and eco-compatibility, and the curve on the tyre facilitates the driver with better control and exceptional handling accuracy.
P7 Cinturato Blue
Summer tyre
Created for medium and large saloons, this high performance tyre is long-lasting, energy efficient and complies with the 2012 EU Regulation on the reduction of noise. All of these factors make it the perfect practical tyre for those wanting to get high mileage and cut down the cost on fuel.

Find the perfect tyre for your car with Pirelli. The brand is synonymous with the motoring industry as the tyre supplier to F1. As they developed their tyre technology within motorsports the safety and performance advance makes it way do to the everyday road tyre for the consumer to use. We stock a vast range of tyre models for all seasons and road conditions.

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About Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli tyres are one the world's biggest tyre companies with manufacturing plants in 11 different countries and employing 34,000 people worldwide. As a leading industry manufacturer, they are renowned for producing superior quality high-end, high-performance tyres for a diverse range of vehicles, including everyday cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks and motorsports.

The Italian company has experienced continual success in motorsport over recent years and in 2010, agreed a three-year deal to become Formula 1's exclusive tyre supplier. After 20 years their P Zero™ Formula One tyres made an reappearance, reaffirming their position in the speed racing industry as well as their ability to produce advanced tyre technology that can be trusted.

Pirelli tyres combine two different tread patterns; a unique novelty to the brand. This grip is combined from directional and asymmetrical patterns, which increase water dispersion and allow the rear axle to touch dryer grounds. This combined gives  Pirelli tyres more grip on wet and dry roads, and more control behind the wheel.

At we have hundreds of tyres for you to choose from including the full Pirelli range. Whether you're looking for winter, summer or all season tyres, we promise you’ll find exactly what you want for an excellent price! Start your search today and take a look at our range.


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