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RainExpert 3
A summer tyre designed to perform in dry and wet
This is a great addition from Unityre, especially if you are looking for a tyre that can take on anything. As the name would suggest, this is an expert tyre in wet conditions but it also provides great grip on dry roads and has a brilliant braking response in both. With high level protection against aquaplaning and a low rolling resistance for improved fuel economy, this is a great all rounder and is best suited to compact, mid-range and SUVS.
Rallye 4x4 street
A summer tyre great for off roading
The Rallye 4x4 street has been especially designed to give you a brilliant handling and a great driving experience! The design ensures that this experience is consistent, even in wet weather and severe road conditions. With effective protection against aquaplaning, excellent handling even in tough road conditions and constant stability providing a comfortable and quiet ride, this tyre is perfect for off roading adventures in your SUV, come rain or shine!
MS plus 77
A winter tyre especially for wet and cold conditions
The MS plus 77 has been especially engineered to take on even the most severe winter conditions and are suitable for all cars. Designed to provide you with secure handling on cold roads, regardless of being wet or dry, aquaplane prevention to help avoid skidding on slush and increased traction to give you great grip on snow and ice. This tyre is a built to take winter on!
Rainsport 3
a summer tyre designed to also take on wet conditions
This tyre is especially designed to give you a sporty performance in the summer months come rain or shine! Featuring Shark Skin technology to prevent aquaplaning and improved grip when cornering to provide you with a brilliant, responsive and secure driving experience.

About Uniroyal Tyres

Uniroyal are an American company who specialise in the manufacturing of tyres built to perform in wet conditions. Their reliability and credibility all started with their innovative invention of the rain tyre in 1969, to which they still own the copyright! With an undisputed reputation in today's market, they are one of the top respected manufacturers in the industry.

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