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A summer tyre with great fuel efficiency
If you are looking for a tyre to offer you top quality and comfort whilst also maintaining awareness for the environment, then this is the tyre for you. This tyre has been especially designed to give you a highly efficient, quiet, comfortable and environmentally friendly drive! With 20% less rolling resistance, great wet performance, low noise and a long life span it is a great all rounder for the environmentally conscious compact and small family car drivers. Design features such as a lightweight design, aerodynamic dent pattern, a mono-blend compound and a 5 pitch tread design make this tyre a great choice.
Winter tyre for dry, wet and snow covered surfaces
These winter tyres are designed to give you impressive handling even in the coldest conditions. They have been especially constructed with a unique tread pattern to provide you with better traction, and have been designed to remain pliable even in the coldest of conditions. 3D-shaped sipes with a polyhedral surface provides great performance and the high-rigid asymmetric design means performance remains consistent on wet, dry or slippery roads.
all terrain tyre for SUV’s
If you enjoy an off road adventure whilst also appreciating a high quality driving experience then this the perfect choice for you. The GEOLANDER has been especially engineered using new tread pattern technology to provide you with a really comfortable, secure and responsive ride. With low-noise and high durability this off-roader can tackle any terrain. All the sizes are stamped with the Snow Flake mark and have a great endurance capability no matter what the weather. A great all rounder for all of those looking for off-roading adventures.
the ultimate tyre for high performance cars
This is the perfect tyre for high performance cars. Engineered with the latest technologies to enhance their handling capabilities. More carbon, silica and orange oil added to the compound has created a structure with greater stiffness and durability whist the grooves and shoulder of the tyre have been designed to ensure traction and a powerful grip. They are the perfect winter tyres for high performance sports cars.
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About Yokohama Tyres

Yokohama was established in 1917 and is the oldest tyre manufacturer in Japan. The company have a massive belief in research and development, basing all their technological advances and engineering on the idea of producing products that maximise safety whilst also taking environmental factors into account too. This has led to some pretty impressive equipment contracts with the likes of Audi, Honda, Porsche, VW and many more.

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