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Cheap Tyres in Aldershot

Do you want to find a local car tyre fitter in the Aldershot area? Let’s make it simple and come straight to Car Tyres. Offering you an easy booking service and all you have to do is enter your registration number and we will do the rest, finding you the best tyre fitters and prices saving you money and time.

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    Below are your choice of professional tyre fitters. Take your car to the most convenient location for you.


Our fitters in this area


Click below to see each Aldershot fitter and their location and opening times.

Sorry!! We do not have any professional tyre fitters in your area but are working hard to expand our coverage, if you can recommend any please send us a message

Places of interest

Aldershot has a lot to offer to its visitors, so maybe whilst you’re waiting for your car tyres to be fitted, take a look at some of the nearby places of interest. Here are a few listed…


More about Aldershot

Aldershot is known for its links with the British Army. Aldershot did not really become a town until the first military camp was set up here in 1854. Before this, it was a small agricultural village. Nevertheless, people have lived around Aldershot since the earliest times some say they have found some very old flint tools and weapons discovered in the area; and there have also been sites of prehistoric earthworks.

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