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Cheap Tyres in Coventry

If you need a new tyre fitting, using Car Tyres booking service will save you time and find you a car tyre fitter in Coventry – not only your local area but the birthplace of all things cars! The British Cycle and Motor Industry was founded by Daimler in a disused Coventry cotton mill around the time of 1896, so your guaranteed to have a healthy source of car experts in your area. 
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Places of interest

One of the most popular things to do in Coventry is visit the Transport museum, which showcases the history behind the development of road transport. Relive 150 years of motoring innovation and see how Coventry became the birthplace of the British motor and cycle industry.


More about Coventry

The 12th largest city in the UK, Coventry originally got its name from the “Cofa’s Tree”, which grew at the crossroad that eventually became the site of Coventry Castle and years after that, Broadgate. Coventry is also furthest from the coast than any other city in the country.

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